Help Us Dig Out Our Leach Field

Being a volunteer at a non-profit camp sure has its challenges. The latest is dealing with an aging infrastructure, learning how septic systems work, and finding volunteer manual labor. This weekend Sierra Madre Search and Rescue helped to dig out the Retreat Cabin septic tank and 40 feet of leach field line. However, there is more digging to do to find the blockage and, quite frankly, I am exhausted from two weekends of digging. I sure could use your help.

If you are looking for a great upper body workout or an opportunity to spend time in a beautiful location for a very worthy cause, please join me next Saturday (April 15). I will provide lunch and all the tools. If you want to spend the night, you are welcome to do that, as well.

Please call 626-447-7356 or email and let me know if you will be joining the “party”.

Thank You, Deb Burgess, Volunteer Manager

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