Retreat Cabin Booked

Item: Retreat Cabin

Date From-To: 03/02/2019 – 03/03/2019

Name: Mark Suzuki


Group or Company Affiliation:

Home Phone: 323-939-9369

Cell Phone: 424-324-9085

Packing Services: Yes

Special Requests or Instructions: When I drop off my gear at the pack station, is it possible to meet the donkeys?  And if so, what are their favorite snacks?

Policy Statement: I have read the policy statement

Liability Waiver: I have read and agree to the terms of the liability waiver

Please type your first and last names here to sign the liability waiver on behalf of all guests you are paying for.  You agree to share the liability waiver with all guests.: mark suzuki

How did you hear of us?: Internet Search

Retreat Cottage Guests: 2-3

Souvenir T-Shirts: Add to cart

Total Cost: USD 135