Overnight Rates

Retreat Cabin:

The Retreat Cabin sleeps up to 6. There is one double bed and 4 bunk beds. $135.00 per night for 2-3 people $270.00 for 4-6 people ** If you book this cabin to capacity it is only $45 per person!

Honeymoon Cottage:

The Honeymoon Cottage sleeps up to 2 in a double bed. $90.00 per night

Group (Guest) Cabins:

Each guest cabin can sleeps up to 8 people. $320.00 per cabin, per night ** If you book a guest cabin to capacity it is only $40 per person!

Main Area:

The main area includes the four Group (Guest) Cabins and the Honeymoon Cottage. The main area sleeps up to 34. It also includes exclusive use of the kitchen and bathhouse. $1360.00 per night, regardless of the number of guests ** If you book the main area to capacity it is only $40 per person! To book the entire camp, book both the main area and the retreat cabin.


All cabins are paid in full at the time of booking.  There is no refund for the Retreat Cabin or Honeymoon Cottage.  For the guest cabins and main area, a 50% refund is available if cancelled with 3 week notice.

Reservations are booked a minimum of 1 week prior to date of event, 2 weeks for the Main Area.

Please check the calendar for cabin availability.  This page is available after you scroll through the pre-registration information pages (click place your registration or continue), then complete and submit the reservation form. Your reservation request will be sent to the camp managers for follow up. Cabins are added to the calendar as they are booked.Check for a specific cabin’s availability.  If the dates are marked in blue or red, those dates are not available. Reservations are available only Friday, Saturday & Sunday, and holiday Mondays. Reservations can be made up to one year in advance. Friday check in times are after 2:00 pm or call for special arrangements. Camp closes Sunday at 3:00 pm.