Camp Kitchen

For Small or Large Groups

Whether your group is two (in the Honeymoon Cottage) or 40 (in any of the guest cabins or all of the cabins), the kitchen at Sturtevant Camp has enough room, equipment and utensils for everyone.

The large, industrial Wolf range has two ovens, six burners and a griddle. This is the same type of equipment found in hotels and restaurants. Three refrigerators with freezers are available so you can cook even the most gourmet of meals. Note: the refrigerators are turned on as necessary. Let us know your refrigeration needs so that we can be ready for you.

There is a spacious serving counter with a pass-through window to the lodge/dining hall which works for dedicated servers or diners lining up to serve themselves. Clean-up duties are easy with hot water and a large 3-compartment sink. Cleaning products are provided for you.

Water at camp is spring fed and is treated weekly to match the standards for potable water according to L.A. County, but it is not certified by the County because we do not have the automated treatment system required by the County. Bottled water is also provided for those that are uncomfortable with the standards.

For outdoor cooking we have two  standard 22-inch kettle type BBQ grill and charcoal briquets are provided.

Just Bring Food

The kitchen is very well equipped. Unless you have a favorite gizmo or specialized tool, we have everything you will need to prepare meals of any size. Pots, pans, skillets and kettles. Spoons, ladles, whisks, tongs and spatulas. And so on… We also have everything for the diner; all plates, cups, mugs, utensils etc., enough to serve up to 60 people.

If you are having food packed up by the donkeys at Adams’ Pack Station, please coordinate with them at least one week in advance of your stay so that they can properly care for your supplies and groceries. Email Deb at

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