Here are 3 vital ways to be involved and support Sturtevant Camp

Give Your Time & Attention

Be on top of progress in the Canyon and at Camp as work continues toward re-opening the Camp. Sign-up for the Camp’s newsletter, stay tuned the social media (friend Wilbur Sturtevant on Facebook and follow on Instagram @SturtevantCamp), and share the news on-line and by word of mouth.

Give Your Time & Talent

During the post-Fire closure, volunteers are working to repair damages at Camp, get ahead on the constant maintenance of a 130-year-old Camp, and make improvements for the future. Volunteers are needed for cleaning, painting, simple carpentry, trail rehabilitation and fire clearance. Sign-up to get the word on the next hike & work @ Camp.

Give Your Time & Money

Spend a few moments to review the Newsletter and see the story of recovery from the Bobcat Fire. Then see how much of a difference you can make by donating toward materials and supplies. With the Camp closed to the public, there’s no income, but there are still overhead costs for insurance, fees, fiscal and on-line services. Sturtevant is a non-profit 501(3)c, so every donation is a charitable deduction: donate now.