Guest Cabins

The Guest Cabins at Sturtevant Camp are roomy, heated cabins that sleep 8 people for a capacity of 32. Each cabin is decorated in a unique theme.

History of the Guest Cabins

The Guest Cabins at Sturtevant Camp are a product of the construction period that followed the purchase of the camp by a Methodist church association in 1945. They were built to house kids of the many youth groups which visited the camp. Accommodations at camp were originally small tent cabins that dotted the hillside. The new wooden cabins were a marked refinement in lodging.

Great for Small or Large Groups

The Guest Cabins are roomy with bunk beds, some double beds, and a capacity of 8 per cabin. There are four Guest Cabins for a capacity of 32 people.  If your cabin is not filled to capacity it is still your cabin; we will not put you in a cabin with strangers. Depending on your needs and cabin availability, groups can assign male and female cabins. These cabins are primarily used for sleeping, but they are equipped with tables and chairs. They have open closets for hanging coats and jackets. Wall heaters keep them warm in the winter. All cabins are supplied with bunk beds, mattresses, sheets, blankets and pillows.

Reserve Exclusive Use

Smaller groups may have to share the common facilities with other groups staying at camp on the same weekend. This means sharing the kitchen and bath facilities as well as the lodge/dining hall. Your fellow campers will surely be like-minded folk and we often have guests making new friendships. However, if you would like to reserve kitchen and bath facilities exclusively for your group then there are two options. More info: Main Area & Exclusive Use
NEW! The Guest Cabins are each decorated with a unique theme:
  • Cabin 1: Pack Train Rest Stop
  • Cabin 2: Forest Friends Hangout
  • Cabin 3: Bob Cat Lair
  • Cabin 4: Bear Den