Chapel & Gallery

The outdoor chapel at Sturtevant Camp offers a quiet, peaceful place for spiritual meditation, conference speeches, and musical performances.

History of the Chapel

The chapel at Sturtevant Camp was built by the Methodist church association that owned the camp for 70 years. It was used for Sunday services and other occasions when church members, typically youth groups, were staying at camp. They leveled the area, built the rock walls, erected the cross and made the sturdy steel bench frames. Several years ago the wood on the benches was replaced by volunteers from a local Bot Scout troop.

Spiritual Retreat and Meeting Place

The Sturtevant Conservancy, current owners of Sturtevant Camp, is a secular organization but the chapel is still available for religious services. It’s also a quiet, peaceful place for spiritual meditation, away from the activity of camp. The chapel is an excellent location for conference speeches and musical performances. Related info: Sturtevant LodgeCamp Activities