Sturtevant Camp Policy Statement

Important Campsite Information


User agrees to supervise and to assume control and responsibility for all persons (other than site staff) who are, for any reason, on the facility by reason of the user’s program or use of the facility and shall hold the Camp, Sturtevant Conservancy, and the Friends of the San Gabriels harmless from any liability arising therefrom, except to the extent attributable to negligence by the Camp, Sturtevant Conservancy, or the Friends of the San Gabriels. There are natural hazards at the Camp. These include uneven terrain, poison oak, rattlesnakes and other wildlife. The user agrees to inform campers of any potential hazards other than these. Campers should wear shoes at camp.

Rental Area

The number of cabins available to your group depends upon the size and configuration of the group. There will be a charge made for additional cabins requested by the group.


Arrival time is 2:00 p.m. on Friday or noon on Saturday (depending upon your arrival date. Departure time is 2:00 p.m. or earlier. Arrangements for arrival or departure times other than these must be made with the Camp host/manager.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

The Retreat Cabin and the Honeymoon Cottage are pre-paid at the time the reservation is made. There is no refund for cancellation.

The main area and group cabins are also pre-paid at the time the reservation is made.  There is a three-week cancellation policy at which time you will receive a 75% refund.  There is no cancellation due to rain. You could also request that the reservation be moved and attempts will be made to do so if you request it within three-weeks of your reservation.

Check In

The group leader should be the first to arrive and should check in first with Adams’ Pack Station who will notify the volunteer host that you are on your way.  When arriving in Camp, check in the volunteer host. This insures that will shown to your cabin(s) and given an orientation or other special information.

Meal Service

The camp may provide meals if specified as part of an organized event. A final occupancy count must be provided by the group at least 5 working days in advance of the group’s arrival date if meals will be provided. Food will be purchased and meals prepared in accordance with the final occupancy count. User group agrees to assist in the dining room maintenance and routine under the direction of the host/manager.


Groups preparing their own meals assume all responsibility for any and all such food prepared during the term of their stay, and shall hold the Camp, Sturtevant Conservancy, and the Friends of the San Gabriels harmless from any liability arising there-from. Dishes and cooking utensils are provided in the kitchen facilities. Groups are advised to use single service plates, cups and utensils when practical. The user groups agree to leave the kitchen and other facilities as clean and orderly upon departure as it was upon arrival.


Linens are provided for guests staying in the Retreat Cabin and the Honeymoon Cottage. Linens are also available for the guest cabins (bunk houses). However, most guests prefer to bring a sleeping bag for the bunk beds.  Guests are responsible for bringing other personal items.

Activities Supervision

Guests are responsible for supervision of all recreational activities.


Phone service is limited to a crank phone that reaches Adams’ Pack Station in emergencies and a fire safe radio. Some cell phone reception may be found at the heliport located one-half mile from Camp.


All national forest laws are in effect on the roads into the trail head, within the camp boundaries, and on trails out of Camp. Hunting, fireworks, firearms, ammunition and explosives are prohibited. The use of gasoline, flammables, poisonous substances, and hand and power tools is restricted. Prior authorization from the site host/manager must be obtained.


There is no smoking within the national forest. However, you may smoke in Camp but only in front of the main lodge.  All cigarette butts must be disposed of properly.  No fires may be built in camp without the permission of the host /manager. Guests are subject to and must comply with orders of appropriate fire control officials. Removal of, or tampering with fire or safety equipment is against the law and is prohibited.

User Group Information

Staff Ratio

User groups shall provide leadership and staffing of a minimum of: one adult (over the age of 18) for every 10 senior-high aged campers; one adult for every 8 junior-high/middle school aged campers; and one adult for every 6 elementary school aged campers. This insures the proper supervision and safety of guests. User groups are advised to follow ACA ratios in staffing and leadership, but not to be less than the above stated ratios.


The group leader should report all accidents, incidents, illness and injuries to camp management immediately. All guests are covered under the site’s accident insurance policy. Details, including exclusions and limits, are available from the site host/manager or by contacting Deb Burgess at

Health Services Information

Health Services

The campsite does not provide health services. User groups are responsible for all first aid care. To be in compliance with the State of California and the American Camp Association standards we ask groups to be responsible for bringing first aid supplies and a person certified in First Aid and CPR.

Health Records

Please be advised that you should compile and bring to your event the following information:

  1. Name and address of all participants
  2. Emergency contact names and phone numbers
  3. A listing of any persons with known allergies or health conditions requiring treatment restrictions or other accommodation while on site.
  4. For minors signed permission to seek emergency treatment or a signed release waiver.

Emergency Transport

The site does not provide emergency transportation. Emergency transportation by Search and Rescue is provided by contacting the pack station. Any non-emergency transportation must be provided by the user group.

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