Quench Campaign for Water at Camp

Help quench the thirst for water at Sturtevant Camp by the gallon as we recover from the 2020 Bobcat Fire.

A Brief Background

The location of Sturtevant Camp, Big Santa Anita Canyon, suffered devastating damage from the 2020 Bobcat Fire. Many of the private cabins in the canyon were damaged or destroyed.

Once the smoke cleared, and we could scramble our way up canyon, we were relieved to find that Sturtevant Camp was still largely intact. However, we found that two of our three water tanks had been destroyed and many auxiliary pipes melted through.

The Goal of the Campaign

Quench is a fundraising campaign to install two new, more durable tanks and improve the entire water system at Sturtevant Camp. When rebuilt, the water system will hold 4,600 gallons in three fireproof, galvanized steel tanks.

To repair and upgrade the water system will cost about $28,000, with non-profit discounts from vendors. This price includes the two new tanks, shipping to Chantry Flat from Texas, a lot of new pipe, plumbing hardware, concrete, and packing these supplies to camp by the Adam’s Pack Station donkeys.

The goal is to have at least the new tanks completely funded in August, 2021 when they are delivered to us. Read the Quench FAQ page for more detailed information.

Quench FAQ

Donations by the Gallon

When we do the math we find that filling all three tanks to the brim for the first time will cost about $9,333 per tank, which is $6.09 per gallon. So we are requesting donations by the gallon. All donations are charitable deductions and will be confirmed to the donor.

How thirsty are you, and how many gallons can you provide to others, today and for years to come? You can contribute as little as one gallon or meet preset donation levels to receive gifts. We appreciate all levels of contribution.*

There are specific donation forms below. If you prefer to mail a check, please make payable to Sturtevant Conservancy and send to:

Sturtevant Conservancy
4668 Orchard Dr.
Miramonte, CA 93641

Tank #1 Donations

As a donor to Tank #1 you will have your name inscribed on the tank, you will be invited to a closed-canyon luncheon at camp, and you receive a thank you gift. Donations to Tank #1 are a suggested number of donors at the donation level/number of gallons shown.

  • 33% will also be funded by the camp to “prime the pump”. That is $3,111 for 517 gallons.
  • 33% funded by 5 shares @ $625 each for 104 gallons.
  • 33% funded by 10 shares @ $312 each for 52 gallons.
$4,059 of $6,245 raised
$ 312.00
Personal Info

Donation Total: $312.00

Tank #2 Donations

As a donor to Tank #2 you will have your name posted at the tank, you will be invited to luncheon at camp when opened, and you will receive a thank you gift. Donations to Tank #2 are a suggested number of donors at the donation level/number of gallons shown.

  • 25% funded by 12 shares @ $195 each for 33 gallons.
  • 25% funded by 25 shares @ $95 each for 16 gallons.
  • 25% funded by 50 shares @ $50 each for 8 gallons.
  • 25% funded by 100 shares @ $25 each for 4 gallons.
$2,750 of $9,715 raised
$ 25.00
Personal Info

Donation Total: $25.00

Tank #3 Donations

Tank #3 is already funded by the following means.

  • 50% has been deposited by the Sturtevant Conservancy. This is $4,667 for 767 gallons.
  • 50% has been pledged and donated by  Sturtevant Conservancy board members. This is $4,667 at 154 gallons per member.

Donate Gallons

The following button allows you to contribute at one of the donation levels described above or give whatever amount you can towards our $6.09 per gallon goal.

Enter $6.09 or more.


Default is 4 Gallons

Personal Info

Donation Total: $25.00

*The total cost of the project is a careful estimate. Donations beyond the $28,000 goal of the Quench campaign will be used first to meet the final, actual costs of renovating the water system, then added to the fund for our next projects: reclaiming the guest capacity lost in the destruction of Cabin #1, and structural renovation of Adams’ Fireplace Room at Sturtevant Lodge.

All gifts to Camp Sturtevant are invested in the camp and serve the purpose of the non-profit mission: there are no paid staff or paid Board members.